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As many of you don't know, I was born with a "deformed" toenail on my big toe on the left foot. When I was born, it was very small, black and yellow. The doctor said he knew nothing of why it should be there, but that I'd be fine.

It's extremely sensitive, thick, brittle and painful. I lose the nail on a regular basis and a new one grows back. It is about half the size of my regular large toenail on my right foot, and instead of growing up away from the source, it seems to grow out and curl under.

I've gone all my life being teased about it, grossing girls out whenever I wore sandals in the playgrounds or go swimming. It's not a very pleasant thing, but I'm really used to it and its just what I am.

Here are some things according to that I might have issues with

Thick yellow nails: can be the cause of long term use of the antibiotic tetracycline, now if you are not taking antibiotics then you do not need to know what this drug is for. Another reason for nails in this condition can mean a reflection of diseases of the lungs, thyroid gland, or lymphatic system (this does not mean you have all three).

Curled nails, otherwise known as 'clubbing': You cannot mistake clubbing of the nails. Clubbing signifies problems with the heart, liver, colon, or lungs. If this is occurring see your doctor immediately for some tests.

Spooning: which look like large indentations vertically across the nail, this may suggest a low iron count (anaemia). If you have these 'bumps' you are likely to be low on iron. A simple blood test from your doctor will confirm this diagnosis. If you have anaemia, alterations in your diet will be required, along with iron supplements. For worst case scenarios, a blood transfusion may be required, however this is unlikely.

I still think that I have thyroid problems, but no one listens. I do have lung problems, I contracted bronchial pneumonia when I was a week old. But, afterall, it is just ONE nail, right? *shrug*
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