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hello, mr. andrews

I had a decent time out tonight seeing The Matrix: Revolutions. Although...I was by myself. So...that stunk. Being shy and the such. But I met a two chicks, one named Bridget and some other girl. They were so fucking cute. High strung excited Matrix premiere geek fans. I met a guy named Paget, he was a nifty dude. Apparently he was a frequent visitor of @.@; I think he kinda thought I was hot...maybe, I dunno. Probably never seen a Cranbrook girl look the way I do.

Very climactic. I loved the seige of the docking bay thingie ma-jig. That was pretty much my favorite part. I urge you to see it, I thought it was great and passed by really quickly, unlike Reloaded that seemed drawn out and I dont' even think it set up the third the way it should have. *shrug*

GOD did I EVER LOOK CUTE AS FUCK tonight. Oh my god. I loved my outfit. DEAR GOD. I wish I had friends and brought my camera along....cause I was just the cutest thing going. There was one guy in a very nice Neo trenchcoat. A PROPER neo trenchcoat that does up the side of the chest. That isn't a gay ass kindergoth pleather duster. It looked HOT. I thought Keanu Reeves was standing behind me. ^____^

Go see it. And come and be my friend so we can go to the mall and take piccies of our cute selves :D

....and Hugo Weaving is fucking gorgeous. YUM!
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