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My cousin just phoned me from Lethbridge!! YAYYYY! She says she's coming home for christmas and wants to give me a piercing or two for a whatever else I want to buy. *squeak* YAYYY...she's such a sweetheart. I love her so much, she's always been so nice to me no matter what ^_____^!! I miss her lots :( I go like a year without seeing her at a time...*sniff*

Yahooooo!!! ^____^ That just totally made my day.

OKAY....I want some more input on what piercings I should get. SO IF YOU READ THIS, LEAVE A COMMENT! Cause I love your guys' opinions, cause you're all so rockin'. :D

*hop!* I think I'll get one piercing now, like really soon at a local shop, so by the time it heals I can be ready for another round ^____^ *hop* YAY!!

Now I gotta get my face on and get some frames for my art show, then exercise my fat butt off. :x *jiggle* Ohhhh I'm so happy :"D
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