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mall trodding

I think I traumatized some girl in the restroom at the mall today. According to Sarah and Sasha she looked quite disturbed...people are just weird.

I found some hair accessories I really like in Ardene's. They're spiffy! Plus a cute 2g black and red talon for $11.99 [get second 50% off]. So, I think I might go down there eventually and one day get some new hair accessories. I just have the red bows I've had for about a year now and two headbands I got at the dollar store [which rock! booyea] XD

I think I might gauge up my left ear tonight. Maybe. I dunno.

Watched Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas tonight...nearly pissed myself laughing. Then watched some Rob Zombie videos on Sasha's disc thingie that I WAS GONNA BUY BUT I LET HER CAUSE I'M SO NICE. A cd and dvd for like $15.99...awesome deal.

I need to get ready for monday...I have to finish my grade. It's terrible. I'm nervous. I hope I get an A in english. I HAD BETTER. GRRRR....95% on my final exam. I'm really disappointed in the answers I got wrong...they were just stupid questions that I could've easily known the answer to if I'd been taught that particular grammatical rule. *snort*
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