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I am getting to the point of zero tolerance for people who can't determine the difference between nudity and pornography, or sensuality and sexuality. Nudity is such a raw, beautiful, sacred thing. Why can't these people understand that? Is there something morally wrong about depicting a tasteful, realistic representation of the female body? Or the male body? I just can't seem to comprehend how someone's state of mind could be that askew about such a beautiful thing. Are they that insecure about themselves that they just deny that humans can be so vulnerable to cover up their own vulnerability? Are they so ashamed of their own race?

Even if they're bible thumpers, shouldn't they be accepting of nudity? Adam and Eve were nude and without shame, right? Wasn't that supposed to be a beautiful time before sin? The closest the human race was to God??? I just don't get it.

I just can't seem to understand what kind of thought processes they have. It makes no sense to me, and I wish I could make sense of it because it's seriously irritating me. I hate only having my own point of view. I need to understand this.

Help!? :(
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