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I think I haven't been this irritated by a computer in a long while. I hate this piece of shit DELL reject mother fucking stone age box. GAH. 3 gigs of hd, probably 10 mb of RAM.. my god.

ImageReady was being so slow, I was just about freaking out [I did the silent weird facial expressions and choking motions at the computers general direction thing so I wouldn't get in trouble] and UGH. I spent like two hours animating this banner I've been putting off making for like a month. *sigh* I'm disappointed.

And to add to it all, I have severe stiffness in my neck and shoulders, so I took advil because they told me it'd relax my muscles...YEA RIGHT. It just made me completely and utterly nausious. YUCK. Yet, we have a nice special box of Robax-shit but I can't have any because I'm not like my sister and constantly sharing her ailments with everyone...and if I'm not bitching about them insecessantly, then apparently I don't have them. I don't need a reminder every 10 minutes that you have "flu like symptoms" and that "your neck hurts" or that "you don't feel good". Sure, I say things like "I feel sick today, blah blah" on my journal, but those kinds of things are what my journal is for; to say the things I can't say aloud. SO...let's recap. If you weigh 95 lbs, are really "pretty" and "independant", if you bitch about things all the time you constantly get whatever you want.

The hell is up with that. let's take a peek at the banner.

Hmmm...shitty. *gag* Oh well, it's better than what some other people do...or can't do, anyway.
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