THE INFAMOUS CHIBI (chibi_goth) wrote,

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look zissssss waaay

I think I'm really content with the layout now...with the addition of some CSS effects and madness like that, I think it's about finished. :D YAY!


I fixed the title image...yayyy! Now it's all glowy! :D GO ME!


I can't decide between using my Robert icon and my lucky star one...they both match the layout @_@ EEEP! I can't decide!! *squirm*

lol. All in all, I think it looks pretty decent...considering it was just made courtesy of 3mp71n355's magical layout that I tried my damnedest to figure out the overrides to. I think it looks rather swell :] Sorry I was so impatient love, I just couldn't wait to do it! Otherwise I'dve loved for you to explain it to me :D

Hmm...what do you guys think? :x Suggestions are welcommmmme :D
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